10 thoughts on “The Power of “No!”

  1. Rachael Strange

    Darlene I can’t thank you enough for having the courage to stand up. I stand with you. (not that I’m anything in the industry or art worlds). I am grateful for your artwork, I have your signed and personalized WOG letter sized pages (thank you) and your coloring book. I’ll be buying more of your art as I can.

    Thank you for making my old school years so very much fun.

  2. Kozmo

    A powerful statement, Darlene! Very much respected and appreciated, from one of those long-ago veterans. Keep on standing up for the right. Thank you!

  3. Rod Waibel

    I am very sorry you had to be subject to his behavior. Reading your open letter, and several things hit deeply. As an indie publisher, and huge fan of the OSR and older games, I think it’s critical that we can celebrate the good things (style of play, etc) while acknowledging the problematic and toxic areas that existed. If we can’t acknowledge them, we can’t be better. My last OSR project focused on recognizing diversity and inclusivity in our hobby, and I ensured I hired diverse freelancers for the work to walk the talk. I’m doing my best to be a counter to people like LaNasa in the OSR community.
    If you still accept logo commissions, I have a current project I’m working on that I’d love to have you design the title logo. Not sure if you can email me directly with the info I provide, but if not you can find contact info and the project details at http://www.izegrimcreations.com
    Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration and helping me learn and grow

  4. Thomas Knight

    Good for you! The ethical, more financially damaging/less financially helpful path is rarely the easier one but is always the better one. If nothing else, it keeps you away from this sort of people.

  5. Kim Wincen

    That was an incredible and powerful read. I am truly sorry to hear that you’re getting hassled by Justin “Grits” LaNasa for his ridiculous lawsuit – that the man who had a political campaign crash and burn because he had a video of two female employees wrestle in grits (allegedly for a promotion) on his own YouTube channel would now pretend to be a beacon of honesty and respect is sickening.

    I hope that the years ahead are kinder and this foolishness brings you a new audience of people who will appreciate your art as art and not as a trophy piece.

  6. TDW

    Darlene, thank you for your work for all these years. It has given me near-inexpressible joy. Your map of the Flanaess, bought so many years ago, has truly influenced the GM and player I am today. I’m not alone in this opinion either. Keep painting and drawing. Your “no” is powerful, but the “yes” of your work is even more so.


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