Jasmine Snippet #12

This is a continuation of notes for The Story of Jasmine that were written on Italian Stationery in Cortona, Italy:

Rogan hesitated a moment, then gave up his weapon to the Guardian of the Temple. He felt the same frustration Thorne had described and felt naked without his sword.

“Come.” The dwarf commanded and processed down some steps. They passed many columns and rooms and at last stopped in front of a small opened room. Rogan could have found the inner chamber easily by himself. A blinding light radiated from the room with a great intensity.

He could not make out much detail and worried that he would be blinded, but the dwarf insisted, with Rogan’s own weapon, that he enter.

© 2018 DARLENE

Note: This is very close to Snippet #11 — looks like this may be the first draft upon which the prior snippet was based on.

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