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Scattered among many different web-sites are diverse commercial products based on DARLENE’s art. The following compiles all DARLENE products together on one page.

Different Role Playing Game products of interest to gamers and children (of all ages):

Links to Other Fascinating DARLENE-Related Products like Greeting Cards and Books:

                • Many different Greeting Cards and Paper Products may be found at my zazzle store: DarleneArtist
            • In Ophanic Revelation, a book by Vincent Bridges and DARLENE, the 16th century Enochian (renamed Ophanic) angelic alphabet is fully discussed and analyzed. Published by lulu.com. There is an excellent chapter on sacred geometry.

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  • Using the principles of sacred geometry, DARLENE sculpted a Sekhmet Pendant based on the proportions specific to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Base price: $111.86 Available in different metals.

Available at Shapeways.

    • A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli, and the Great Cross is a book authored by DARLENE’s late husband, Vincent Bridges and  J. Weidner  and was published by Aethyrea Books in 1999. Only a few of these ground-breaking books remain. Ahead of it’s time, many of the subjects covered are coming to pass…  $19.95 postpaid . 

    • The Prophet Code by Stephen Crockett is another book published by Aethyrea Books (2003) that’s ahead of its time whose prophecies–based upon biblical codes–have been surprisingly true. This is a work that reveals the apolcalyptic time keeping of the Judeo-Christian tradition, but it also demonstrates how that secret–the secret of time–was woven into the eschatological mythology of the emerging monotheistic faiths. This glimpse of a level of profundity and cosmological sophistication as yet unsuspected within Biblical text, comes as something of a shock. Yet Stephen Crockett plunges right in, and makes the case that the very core of the Judeo-Christian tradition is dominated by the techniques of precessional myth making, and an almost obsessive focus on apolcalyptic timing. $11.95 postpaid .   Buy Now Button
  • SPECIAL! Purchase Both A Monument to the End of Time and Prophet Code  for $29.95 postpaid.

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