I went Pro


Yeap, that’s my story… Let me tell it to you.

8 thoughts on “I went Pro

  1. thomas jeff

    How are you doing?
    My name is Thomas Jeff from SC. I actually observed my wife has
    been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she likes
    your piece of work, I’m also impressed to have seen your
    different piece of works too, : ) You are doing an amazing job.
    I would like to receive more information about your piece of
    artwork and what inspires you. I am very much interested in the
    purchase of the piece of art (in subject field above) to
    surprise my wife. Kindly reply for the availability for
    immediate sales.
    Thanks and blessing,

    1. Darlene Post author

      Hello Thomas Jeff,

      I am sorry I did not notice your message until today. You are a very caring husband to want to surprise your wife in this way. The “I went Pro” is not my artwork. It’s a BC comic, so you could not have purchased it anyway. Valentine’s Day is coming up, if you still want to surprise her … perhaps a custom Valentine’s card or something? Smiles, Darlene

  2. Molly Garza

    I have a very large watercolor of a lady wearing a hat. It is signed DARLENE in the lower left hand corner, and wondered if it was you. I love the piece.

  3. Steven Smith

    A brief message of thanks and gratitude for meeting you in Texas. I have thought of you regarding the weather and trust to hope you are well. Thank you so very much for the rich conversations, I shall follow up with you more in the weeks to come. My Daughters love the Coloring Books!

    1. Darlene Post author

      Hi Rachel–Yes, it’s being developed by Zach Henderson.
      Check out Anna Meyer’s Facebook Group “Flanaess Geographical Society”
      If I wrote you back at the time you asked, I would have replied no.

  4. Jonathan F Munroe

    Hi Darlene,

    I went to Beloit College with you. I sent you a FB message that will not show up in your usual inbox on Facebook because we are not “friends.” In order to access the message I believe you have to look at “other” under messages, to see my message. I won’t go into anything about the message here. If/when you do look at the message that would be great. Thank you. Jonathan Munroe (started with Class of ’76, graduated with Class of ’79, Beloit College (took a 3 year break)

    1. Jonathan F Munroe

      Also, Darlene, if you are able to see my email address on this site, please shoot me an email. . . I can send the contents of the Facebook message to your email instead. Btw, this is nothing weird, it’s just thoughts about directions to take in your art. Thank you again.


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