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Jasmine Snippet #31

The notes from “The Story of Jasmine” continue:

The Journey north wasn’t as trying as Glynn had anticipated. The girl who called herself Jasmine was quick in following his example, and they made it to the door of Oxted’s only inn by late afternoon. By this time, Glynn had warmed up to her and began to enjoy her company. He looked forward to her joining him for a drink and a hot meal. Uncharacteristically, they had the means to pay and he felt rich and generous.

But to his disappointment, he discovered Jasmine’s only interest was in getting closer to the mountain. Slightly agitated, he points the way just up the road. He tells her that the climb will take her well into the evening and there will be no food when she gets there. He offers to accompany her the very next morning after getting rested.

As she hands him the bundle of coins and valuables they had collected the day before, the black ring on her finger gleams. She is not deterred. Silently, she wraps her blood-stained cloak around her body and heads in the direction of the mountain shrine.

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