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Jasmine Snippet #24

“The Story of Jasmine” notes continue:

The Guardian of Wisdom makes an appearance in The Dragon Magazine some time before “The Story of Jasmine” begins.

Our Story opens with fear and suspicion.

  • Jasmine is dauntless of Reality because the ring of the dark prince placed on her finger makes her see bliss and beauty everywhere (though the blissful landscape is not reflected in the water.)
  • Her companions (retinue) are fearful because they are not “bewitched”
  • Ambush
  • Tall man on horse carries off Princess
  • She hits man with rock*
  • Meets “Gnome” people – they befriend her instantly — recognize ring and try to undo magic. Too strong to manage due to its cloaking ability. She begins to see what is happening to her. To undo the ring, she has two choices: let the prince remove it from her finger or go to the Ice palace of King Attar.* They name her Istaveer.**
  • With ring, Prince can always keep track of her and still possess her (homing device) “uncle?”
  • She goes on her way. Two men find her and are going to capture her. Tall man comes from other direction. Panic.
  • Tall man kills other two. Says her uncle sent him to help her. She’s skeptical, but doesn’t argue.


This might have been an early draft. I have different name notations, an allusion to a tall man and the suggestion of an uncle. I seem to have two versions of the beginning: one with her nursemaid, Ermengarde accompanying her and this one, without mention of her.

*A lot seems to go on in between this and the next bullet point.

**King Attar? Is this Thorgall’s surname?

*** Istaveer? I don’t remember this at all.