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Jasmine Snippet #21

The Story of Jasmine notes continue:

Traveling alone in the wilderness, the full impact of her situation slowly became clear. “What a wretched person I am.” she thought, recalling the events of the recent past, “Now I have nothing–neither kingdom nor title.”

At the Guardians’ insistence, she had to relinquish her identity. “Flavia must die!” they told her. In addition to abandoning her name, she exchanged her royal raiment for simpler garments.

Her long journey north began underground. With provisions and much encouragement, this nameless maiden had been led through a labyrinth of cold, damp rock. For weeks, it seemed, they made their way through dark and still passageways. Then finally, came the first shafts of sunlight. She grew joyful as the chamber neared an exit. But then she came to understand that the little community of wise, kind-eyed people who had accompanied her thus far would not be accompanying her any further. She halted.

“Not far from here,” they told her, “is a mountain called The Great White Throne. On top of that mountain are the sacred ruins of an ancient shrine. Go there. Invoke the spirit of Erlkyng and help you will find. And always remember, stay away from the main road—your enemies are many and they are everywhere.”

To give her courage, they placed around her neck, a pouch filled with jasmine petals.

© 2018 DARLENE

Jasmine Story – Snippet 5

Notes for The Story of Jasmine continue:

Heta* discovered the King of UR still grieving over the death of his first Queen two years before. She studies his habits and the places he frequents.

Erlkyng** looked for powerful nodes upon the land within the forest where the King frequently hunted. He found a natural circle where several land energy lines crossed. At the center was an opening to a crystal cave in the shape of a vesica pisces.

They charted the skies, looking for the most auspicious alignments of planets and stars. They used the alignments of the land and the sky to increase their magical current.

© 2018 DARLENE


*The name Heta generally means Love. Obviously, Heta is the Wyrd woman who is assisting Erlkyng magically.

**Erlkönig (lit. “alder-king”) is a name used in German Romanticism for the figure of a spirit or “king of the fairies.” I did not know this derivation at the time of the writing. Researching further, I discover that “Erlking” is a malicious spirit who carries away small children to their deaths, but I contend, Erlkyng is not Erlking.

Note: Today, I know more about the science of how land energies geomantically associate with sky alignments and find it curious that I would mention a vesica pisces, which is easily one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times.

The vesica pisces geometry (shown above) is basically formed from the intersection of two, overlapping spheres. Symbolically, it represents the union of Heaven and Earth, the merging of God and Goddess. The vesica pisces is also the vagina of the female goddess, the first pattern at the basis of all trigonometric configurations, square roots and harmonic dimensions. How curious.

Jasmine Story – Snippet 4

The notes for the Story of Jasmine continue:

The background story sets up the dynamic for the third book. The seed/soul of a dark force is hidden within an egg, placed within a nest on top of a mountain. There is no way to get to this mountain except by crossing the Valley of Fear. No mortal man has been able to survive the mirroring of his own terror.

The powerful wizard, Erlkyng, knowing the destruction of the Mid-Realm and beyond is immanent as long as the egg exists, explores the possibilities. Finally, he settles upon a plan which will take many years to flower. He calls up the air elemental “Arial” who agrees to take on physical form long enough to conceive with a mortal King and give birth to a child.

The child, being born of air and earth, when grown would be able to pass through the Valley of Fear unimpeded. With the help of his female assistant, the Wizard Erlkyng exchanges his life-force to give a physical embodiment to Arial, whose strange and delicate beauty is otherworldly. The King of UR immediately falls in love with her and brings her to his castle along with her constant female companion — Erlkyng’s assistant.

In physical form, Arial is not strong. But she gives birth to a healthy girl baby before phasing back to her original airy form. The companion stays as a nurse to the baby and sings lullabies of magical incantations.

© 2018 DARLENE


As I remember, I think these are notes to myself regarding the arc of the story plot. It’s the explanation of the beginning story, to be told as a flashback and establishes the plot of the greater story.

The caption accompanying the published version of the calligraphied image appearing above states: Done with gouache on Invicta paper, the text is part of a fable written by the artist. (16 x 12 in)

The Art is available as a small poster.