Jasmine Story – Snippet 15

Notes for The Story of Jasmine continue:

Palace of the Ice King, Thorgall.

“I am drawn by the spirit of the North,” Thorgall said of his kingdom, “and am determined not to be crushed by it. It takes a special people to prosper where nature makes life so difficult.”

“I have chosen to make things hard for myself,” he commented, “because there is much merit in it.”


This is more representative of the things I would “receive” during the day… often a small snatch of conversation be tween two characters. I usually wrote them on napkins or note cards or whatever was at hand. Of all my written notes, these would probably be the ones not to survive.

Obviously, I did not command the creative process.

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2 thoughts on “Jasmine Story – Snippet 15

  1. Zeno

    I’m really enjoying that you are sharing all of these snippets, Darlene! I enjoyed reading Jasmine in Dragon magazine oh-so-many years ago. 🙂

    Thorgall is my favorite character in the Mid-Realm. He inspired the creation of one of my own characters…

    I created the King of Jaa in a world called Koorakaara. It is a D&D campaign that I started in 2016 and just finished a few weeks ago. The King of Jaa rules the lands north of Frostgate.


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