Jasmine Card Game Info Sheets

Recently, at GaryConX I had an opportunity to play my Jasmine: the Battle for the Mid-Realm collector card game. I am happy and thrilled to know it received quite a great response.

For the game, I created some “Info Sheets,” a short cut that would quickly give players the actions of all the cards (there are several actions to choose from, depending upon which Faction the players choose to play). The different choices for card actions is one thing that distinguishes this card game. The complexity increases strategic play and enjoyability as no two games are alike.

I have received many requests for my short cut Info Sheet. And thus, I comply. (I would have done so sooner, but I was totally wiped out by convention and had to regroup).

Here is the sought after pdf of the card play:

Jasmine Game Info

Thanks for your purchase and continued interest in my game.

7 thoughts on “Jasmine Card Game Info Sheets

    1. Darlene Post author

      Hey Scott,

      NP. It’s totally OK. You got me off my butt.
      I was simply wiped out for some reason after
      the Con and would have forgotten.

  1. Mike Lingefelt

    Thanks for putting the sheets online. I really enjoyed playing Jasmine with you. Izzy and I will see you at NTRPGcon.

  2. Joe Piela

    I just finished playing a solo game of Jasmine: The Battle for the Mid-Realm using all 4 factions. It was great fun! The Short Cut Info Sheet helped a great deal. As I played I recorded the turn-by-turn actions for each faction. Based on this, I just posted a write up “battle report” of the game on the Facebook page of my wargaming club.
    Darlene, would it be okay if I posted a link here to that Facebook posting?


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