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Jasmine Snippet #72

Notes for “The Story of Jasmine” continue:

Thorne knew that Jasmine was the Princess of UR. The discarded dress discovered earlier gave that secret away. Thorne was predisposed to think ill of this girl, whomever she purported to be. That’s probably why Thorne could barely tolerate her. Thorne could think of several reasons the girl might be pretending to be someone else. Not wishing to marry the usurper, Bardulf would be one excellent reason. Still, that girl really needed to appear more unnoticeable. Of all the possible disguises there were to don, a religious personage traveling with a dwarf was a most unfortunate choice.

The chances were nil this little princess would blend seamlessly into the background. The poor girl needed help. An old dwarf, as fearsome as he may be, would not be enough to ward off any serious attack against them. When it dawned on her that keeping this girl safe could be vital to the national interests of her people, Thorne prepared herself to do her duty.

Coming upon the Princess of UR on the seat of the White Throne Mountain Thorne chalked up to serendipity. How fortunate, she did not have to return home in defeat. A new avenue had been presented to her and she grabbed it. The opportunity coincided quite well with alternate plans previously discussed to take their plea to other nations. A body guard was a much better disguise than what she had been doing until this point.

Ah — to be able to openly wear her armor, Thorne felt more like herself. She hated playing a demure, sick little sot, incapable of doing anything but smile. Being forced by duty to wear an URian court dress gave Thorne some insight into what the poor women of UR had to endure. Too bad they did not have someone like Abigale to help them.

Thorne was happy to be able to wear her armor at very long stretches. It was all due to Abigale’s art. She sewed Thorne’s undergarments to be able to support movement while helping to balance the armor placed over it. She was also able to enjoy the late afternoon sun without being cooked in her armor. Her body was well ventilated and the late afternoon sun felt good.

In Thorne’s mind, she pledged her sword to the daughter of the King of UR. So, to the utter confusion of her Rothian escort, Thorne made a ceremony of offering Jasmine her protection. Thorne inwardly enjoyed Rogan’s reaction. She savored his bewilderment. It amused her. In remembering the look on his face, the light in her eyes sparkled.

Thorne arched to stretch her muscles, leaning back so far, she came close to touching the back of her horse. The four of them had made steady progress on the main east-west road away from Oxted. She wondered why she felt so content. The idea of making camp in several hours delighted her. Although she was in the company of three people she did not know or really trust, she felt free, happy and glad to be alive.

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