Surfing the Apocalypse

Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality

As regards the collective conscious, it’s best to meditate on how and in what direction the major sweeps are moving and notice what appears within its eddies. When adopting the long view of time, it becomes easier not to get as caught up within the drama of the different energy swirls. Once there, it takes more effort to escape the toroidal motion of the force. We are all navigating the time swirls. If we are not mindful of where we are going, we are apt to slip and fall inside a downwardly-moving conical spiral.

The key to knowing how not to fall victim to circumstances beyond one’s control is to become self aware. I’m not merely talking about being mindful of current events, although that’s helpful too. It’s as simple as to become aware of the symbols which suddenly turn up in ones life, especially Pay special attention to synchronicity. When I encounter moments of synchronicity happening around me, I first take it as a sign that I’m moving in the right direction. For content, I read the symbol. If I heed the action required to enact the meaning of the symbol, I can avoid, mitigate or enhance the probable outcome.

This is a part of my spiritual knowing. If I read the symbols coming into my life correctly, I am being lead to revisit my early days as the first female artist working in the genre of role-playing games (RPGs). I have been doing this mildly in the last few years but stepped it up since the death of my husband last year.  I have been trying to fathom why it is important to connect with gaming and have finally come to an understanding. 
It’s about integrating esoteric/spiritual secrets my husband and I discovered/shared over the years through the medium of role playing games. Being who I am, I have already begun this process, but did not appreciate the extent of its meaning until now. Becoming conscious of synchronicity and accepting the message Spirit is sending, I conclude it is time for me to reckon spirituality with art. It is time to walk my talk.

The above illustration appears on the back cover of the role-playing game book “Mythos Arcanum” by Joe Aragon being printed at the moment (June, 2015). It is a reworking of a popular medieval woodcut showing a seeker who is successfully able to escape the boundaries of the world to glimpse at what truly lies beyond.

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