Jasmine Snippet #53

New note for The Story of Jasmine:

Looking for the secret passage, Jasmine moved further up the stream, and headed for the waterfall. She stopped at the point the water had pooled. She knew the place the pool would be much deeper, where the water fell from above. She discarded her cloak on the bank and stepped into the pool. The chilly water immediately came up to her waist. She swam towards the falls. The only way to get to the secret passage was to locate it from below.

In Ermengarde’s stories, the passageway could not be accessed on land. She ducked under the surface of the cold water and, feeling her way with her hands, discovered an opening.

She did not have far to swim. The underwater passage contained a vortex and, once inside, it swallowed her. She made it there before she needed to replenish her breath. The end came out in a small, dully lit underground chamber. Her eyes became accustomed to the greenish caste.

According to Ermengarde, a special lichen with the ability to illuminate the walls and ceiling thrived there. Of course, she never really believed that part of the story, but it was true! Green Light without the sun did exist! This stuff was all over the walls and ceiling. She got herself out of the cold water. Her wet clothes dripped on the moss.

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2 thoughts on “Jasmine Snippet #53

  1. Joe Piela

    I read your Jasmine story in The Dragon when it first came out and loved it. I’ve got issue #37 in my collection stored with a paper wrapper to protect your wonderful cover art of Jasmine. I was so disappointed when it was cancelled after a year. I just returned here to your blog after an absence and have happily discovered that you are posting much more info about the Jasmine story. Thanks very much for doing so! I also purchased your Jasmine card game in 2016 and am happy to see you are posting more information and art on that as well. Your Art is amazing; please keep all this wonderful stuff coming, especially more about Jasmine!
    All the Best to You,


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