Jasmine Snippet #28

The typed notes from The Story of Jasmine continue:

As Arlet pulled away from him, Ermengarde stepped up, “Keep you hands off her, or I’ll make the sky rain fire!”

“You’ll what?” He said calmly.

“I’ll make hundreds of lightening balls fall from the sky, burning everything they touch. Let us be on our way and no fire storm will harm you!”

Bardulf’s men grew uneasy, but Bardulf remained impassive. “Alright,” he said, “make it rain!”

For a moment, Ermengarde thought of casting a spell. But she knew Bardulf’s purpose was to draw her out. He still had the upper hand. Her best and only chance was to continue her act. She closed her eyes to muster the energy to burst into foolish tears.

“Oh Bardulf,” she wailed, “you was right. Erlkyng left me with nothing. The only thing I have left is my duty to protect this child. Please don’t harm her.” Ermengarde held Arlet to her breast and stroked her silky blonde hair.

“Bring Grishnack,” Bardulf commanded to one of his men.

Then he studied his captives. “Princess Arlet,” he said, “look at me.” Arlet’s head turned underneath Ermengarde’s gentle hold. When she looked at him, he continued, “tell me, has your nurse, Ermengarde here, has she practiced magic?”

Arlet looked up at her nurse-companion with bewilderment in her widened eyes, “Ermengarde?”

At that moment, the man whom Bardulf summoned, bowed before his master. Ermengarde recognized him from the Court of UR. He answered Bardulf’s muffled questions and departed. “Lord Grishnack informs me that you have, indeed, raised Arlet since her infancy.”

“She is like my own child.” Ermengard replied.

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