Evil Always Knows the Best Time to Strike

Precipitated by recent events, I created the following postcard.

When faced with extra-ordinary events, there’s no way to react but to get creative.

The card is available for under $5.00 here.

Thank You for Your Patronage.

1 thought on “Evil Always Knows the Best Time to Strike

  1. Darryl R Taylor

    That is unexpectedly plain given the range of work that I am aware of you historically producing.

    Given that I could easily see reasons why you would chose to have it be without flourishes (and in fact personally having had the statement shown to be accurate in manners that are both subtle and could put the ‘demon’ in ‘ demonstrate’ without hyperbole), I am curious as to why you chose not to use a narrative illustration or reinforcing emphasis other than the use of type face against an almost generic background?

    (The above is a genuine query and not an ironic criticism, if I were a truly horrific being that postcard would be perfect to have delivered to my victims either just as, or incredibly long before, I delivered an ending to their world that took just long enough to realize that I was the one who sent it.

    Hmm, if I or anybody else were to suddenly order a case lot, perhaps you might consider calling the police, particularly if there were an accompanying query regarding also having it printed in reverse on a t-shirt or stain resistant butcher’s apron, etc)

    Happy All Hallow’s.


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