Jasmine Game Discount

I’m happy to be able to reward my Jasmine Fans with something tangible, like discounts.

I wanted all JASMINE Fans to know I’m doing a couple things for you, if you want to purchase the JASMINE: The Battle for the Mid-Realm collector card game this month.

First, I’m discounting it. 

JASMINE: The Battle for the Mid-Realm collector card game has been selling steadily for $133, but now Jasmine Fans can get it for $50.00 OFF! That’s $83.00 + $8.60 s/h)

Discount in Effect until June 15, 2018

Secondly, A FREE Download. 

Purchasers of the game will also receive a FREE DOWNLOAD of  Jasmine Game Sheets.pdf file, which provides short cut information concerning the functionality of the cards.

It’s actually my own cheat sheet, which I use at conventions. Customers can download the custom document, HERE.

There’s more information about the game here. But beware, the price discount only shows up on this page! If you choose to purchase from any where else on this site, you are apt to pay full price.


As the creator of Jasmine, THANK YOU for your faith in me and for your interest in my art and writing.

I Appreciate your Jasmine Fanship.