Mystic Geometric Knots

Remnants of decorative pottery are housed within the North Carolina State Historic Site of Town Creek Indian Mound which is less than a few miles from the artist’s home. The indigenous people living in the PeeDee area at one time carved different geometric designs on wooden paddles which they used to pat their clay in the pottery-shaping process. These people no longer exist, but their art survives. These geometric designs can come back to life to again serve community interests.

To honor our connections to our ancestors, DARLENE intentionally repurposed these Celtic-like patterns once used within her local area into colorful displays to be used as greeting cards. These very designs once connected a community. We may no longer be sharing food out of the same clay pot, but we can share of ourselves. These geometric designs nourish our souls as they symbolically connect us back to our ancient roots, back to the land, and back to the eternal  heart of our wise ancestors.

With no beginning and no end, the closed “mystic knot” has always been a symbol of eternity and the infinite cycles of birth and rebirth. May the community, family, and partnerships we build together be strong in spirit and in love.

These cards are available individually at DARLENE’s zazzle store at approximately $3.75 for a basic card, blank inside. Click on the name of the cards shown below to link to it in the store.

The giver of the mystic geometric knot cards blesses the receiver with:

  • Best wishes for a long and happy life.
  • Good wishes for new endeavors are also bestowed.
  • The joys of togetherness–of couples, family, community
  • Talismans to ward off evil (or that which causes disconnect)