Greeting Cards

Receiving DARLENE’s one-of-a-kind  “Just For You” cards is a real treat. Not everyone gets these…

So, the next best thing to it is to send DARLENE cards to someone else. For different purposes, there are several card lines to choose from so you can soothe when calm is required, motivate when inspiration is desired, and bring joy when it is time to celebrate.

Most of the cards on these pages are commercially available for $3.75 at my zazzle store. If you don’t want to hunt for them on the store site, clicking on each image will take you directly to that card’s particulars on the site.


  • Gamer Girl Greetings – Fun cards for gamers
  • Medieval Fantasy Art
  • Sacred Art of the Sacred Heart – Art for Healing
  • Mystic Knot Designs – Reconnecting with Community
  • Alchemical and Transformational
  • Victorian Children
  • Butterfly Greetings – For Encouragement
  • Baron Samedi – For Halloween